We drive the production of user-generated-content for your brand

Content of creators who purchased your products is more effective than yours! We provide a managed solution to incentivize content production and enable you to license this content.

Your creators generate sales for you

Your creators who purchased your products enjoy higher trust in their networks*. Our managed solution incentivizes your customers to spread word-of-mouth about your brand.
*Nielsen, 2015.

We provide you with quantitative insights (soon)

Join brand campaigns to collaborate with fellow brand advocates, influencers, and photographers. Contribute to spreading the brand story altogether!

We manage your collaborations and content production so that you don't need to

We take care of onboarding creators for you, moderating their content, making sure their performance is free of fraud, managing legal topics as well the payout to them.

You pay only success-based fees

We do not charge setup- or subscription fees. You only pay your creators commissions for generated sales or content you re-use, we take a small share of it.


Incentive system

We enable you to control the incentives for your creators and their followers. You can adjust both on the fly to optimize the performance.

One place for all content

All your content is directly linked to your products. Find content for re-use by simply searching for product name, EAN or the like (soon).

One place for all collaborations

View all creators who produce content for you. You can also reach out to them for individual collaborations – simply via our messaging system (soon).

Convenient publishing for your creators without apps or installations

Your creators post on their social media as they are used to and simply import content to Advogate. No app-downloads, no intruding missions or challenges.

Curated campaigns with your creators (soon)

Navigate the story of your brand with curated campaigns. Control every campaign parameter such as creator size, content quality or remuneration model (e.g. clicks, publications, shares), follower number.

Performance Dashboard (soon)

Dashboard with quantitative metrics on customer-, content- and product performance as well as on network interaction. Created for drawing strategic conclusions to get ahead of competitors simply.

3 simple steps to jump-start!

1. Schedule a 30 minutes meeting

2. Invite us in your affiliate network

3. Watch us grow your customer base